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Playing Philosophy:

  • My drumming philosophy is to play it simple with a solid conviction and a good groove.
  • The less I play, the more work I get  !
  • I like to play dynamically and leave plenty of room for the vocalist or soloist.
  • I enjoy playing Blues, R&B, Pop/Rock, Funk, Swing, and Jazz.

Career Goals:

  • To be respected and recognized as a fine musician and to be blessed with the pleasure of playing and recording music for the rest of my life.
  • To play drums in every country, on every continent, and for every person on this earth.
  • To continue to develop my songwriting skills, my piano and guitar playing chops and my producing/engineering abilities.


  • I have been drumming professionally since 1980.
  • I am originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, where I was fortunate to have a very musical family background.
  • I have been playing drums for as long as I can remember, starting out on a 4-piece Silvertone, blue-sparkly drum that my father actually bought for my mother in 1974. Silvertone drums were manufactured by Pearl Drums in the late 60’s, and distributed by Simpson-Sears. So because of this fact, I have been playing Pearl-made drums since 1974, and I have always had one or two Pearl kits on the go, over the last 30 years.
  • From 1983 to 1986, I performed in the High School Band Music Program (jazz, dixieland and pop charts), under the direction of Tom Rusinak.
  • At the age of 14, I performed with my uncle’s band, Spice, the hottest band on the east coast at that time, 1982.
  • I studied jazz percussion with Mike Vosbein at Saint Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, 1989-1990.
  • I have lived in Toronto since 1995.


  • Jeff Porcaro
  • Vinnie Colaiuta
  • Fred Below
  • Al Jackson Jr.
  • Joseph Modeliste
  • Pat Mastelotto
  • Brian MacLeod
  • Mike Urbano
  • Donny Chapman
  • Paul Eisan
  • Bob Quinn
  • Mike Sloski
  • Kevin Gilbert

Gear :

Pearl Masters Custom Drums (MMX -4 ply maple- sizes 24×18, 12×9, 16×16 and MHX – 4 ply mahogany -sizes- 24×14, 12×8, 16×16).

Sabian Cymbals (HHX & HHX Evolution, sizes 15″ hi-hats, 14″ to 18 ” crashes, 20″ rides.).

Regal Tip sticks (Groovers and 8A, Classic Brushes and the new E series 5B’s).

Remo Heads (P3 Bass drum, Ambassador Coated tops and Ambassador clear bottoms).

Protechtor Cases, and Levy(soft shell) and SKB (hard shell) hardware bags.

Silvertone, Gretsch & WFL (1950’s Ludwig) collector drum kits, Pearl ( Free Floating, MRX and M1946) and Gretsch collector snare drums.

See Credits Page for more bio info……